Best Forex Trading Signals

There are very few forex trading signals providers that are genuinely consistently profitable month after month. There are many that claim to be and have impressive looking performance records but very often it transpires that they massage their numbers, and use hypothetical figures in their calculations, rather than trade their signals themselves.
I've come across many different forex signals providers in my time. It's hard not to as the internet's full of them. Nearly all of them have turned out to be a waste of time. I thought I'd found a great site a while back in the shape of Forex Live Pro, but after having several highly profitable months, even they ended up going on a losing streak and have since closed down.
That's why there's only one company that I'm more than happy to recommend and that's Zulu Trade.

ZuluTrade is basically an extensive database consisting of some of the best forex traders from around the world. You can trade any of the signals that these traders provide automatically in your ZuluTrade account. All you do is open an account, deposit some cash, and choose which traders' signals you wish to trade (based on their past performance record). Then whenever the signals are provided by your chosen provider(s), the same positions are opened and closed automatically on your behalf in your account.
It's basically a managed forex trading account where you're in complete control over which signal providers you use, and all trading is completely automated.


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